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World Trade Center Malmö, Jungmansgatan 12, Malmö, Sverige


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Branding Africa Conference

Welcome to a two-day Branding Africa Conference at World Trade Centre in Malmö!

With two thirds of Africans estimated to be living in cities by 2050, this scenario creates multiple investment opportunities for viable exports into some of the World’s fastest growing economies today. Africa’s surging population rise means more people require access to energy, a functioning healthcare system and quality higher education. Home to 1.1billion people, 54 different countries and speaking over 2,000 languages, how Africa urbanises will be critical to the continent’s future growth and development. ​

Industry Frontiers remains committed to connecting people and institutions that matter in the promotion of successful investment in Africa. The 2017 theme is Unlocking Potential of Cities through Investment, Collaboration and Growth.

Key sessions will discuss creating effective and functioning cities, lessons from international cities and best practices in waste management and recycling, cleantech, healthcare, and internationalisation of higher education.

Listen to internationally acclaimed speakers, and join in on our study visits. We aim to inspire more companies to tap into the billion dollar industries in African markets, further advancing synergies with government, business and academia. The conference creates a pool of information among investors and buyers.

We are further hopeful that the 2017 Branding Africa Conference will be a positive platform to strengthen your position in Africa.

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