EU-Japan EPA Forum med Cecilia Malmström och Yoichi Suzuki

Konferensen i Köpenhamn fokuserar på det nyligen framförhandlade frihandelsavtalet mellan EU och Japan. Cecilia Malmström, EU-kommissionär med ansvar för handelsfrågor, är en av talarna samt Yoichi Suzuki, Japans chefsförhandlare och Ambassador for International Economic Affairs .Talar gör även företrädare för ett antal företag såsom NEC, J.P. Morgan, Ericsson och Novo Nordisk.

Vill du knyta värdefulla kontakter för att utveckla dina affärer i Japan och lära dig mer om möjligheterna med avtalet? Missa inte denna dag! Fullständig information om dagen hittar du här. Nedan är en sammanfattning.

With the EU and Japan embarking on the world’s largest free trade agreement, the EU-Japan EPA Forum will be the first major international business conference dedicated to this agreement.

This davos-style event will gather 250 global stakeholders, key policy-makers, regulators, business executives of leading companies, and experts on international trade and investments. 

The landmark EU-Japan Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) will pave the way for signifiant market opportunities in a new joint free trade zone consisting of some 630 million people with strong purchasing power, accounting for nearly one third of global GDP. 

The agreement is projected to more than double European exports to Japan from around €80bn a year to over €180bn a year within a 10-year time frame, with a similar dramatic increase in Japanese exports to the EU going from €55bn to over €140bn. One of the reasons for this increase is the fact that the trade volume today between the EU and Japan is considered rather low compared to the size of the European and Japanese economies. 

The main sector beneficiaries include the automotive, transport equipment, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, electronics, information technology, chemicals, food and agriculture, textiles and leather goods, FMCG as well as service sectors such as insurance, business and financial services.  

With vast trade and investment opportunities emerging, the EU-Japan EPA Forum program will focus on the prospects for companies with the elimination of technical trade barriers and import tariffs, in addition to areas of regulatory cooperation, improving market conditions on both sides. ”