In a network consisting of around 2500 companies, possibilities such as new contacts and new ideas arise. At the request of our member companies, the Chamber of Commerce now hosts a number of themed networks including, among others, the Trade Network and the Young Leaders network.

HR Lunch
Meet new people from different companies over lunch and discuss current subjects concerning HR. The network is only available to those working actively with HR at their company.

Investment Network
Discuss the latest development concerning investments and share experiences about leading and further developing investment functions.

Network for CEO assistants
Network specifically catered to those working as CEO assistants.

Network for sales managers
A network for those with a sales position and an interest in research and the development of society.

Idea Forge CSR and Sustainability
A network focused on discussing current and upcoming challenges within CSR and sustainability.

Trade Network
This network gives you 90 extra colleagues in southern Sweden who all work with international trade. You’ll meet new people, improve your skills and have access to the latest information regarding trade.

Young Leaders
A network created to help young leaders develop and progress in their leadership roles through seminars throughout the year. Participants also receive a personal mentor.

Procurement network
Regardless of whether you are a customer or supplier, this network is a good forum for those who want to share experiences and skills in the area. Network members are also provided with knowledge of procurement and contract law.