RESTA 2023 – The international construction and renovation exhibition

En stor utställning med litauiska bygg- och möbelföretag.
Se preliminär lista med företag och produkter som deltar.

The international construction and renovation exhibition RESTA 2023 invites you to participate and present contemporary ideas, innovations, sustainable solutions to developers as well as existing and new-found professionals in the area of construction and renovation.

The exhibition meets the highest quality requirements for international exhibitions and is the only specialised exhibition in the Baltic States that has earned the recognition from the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry (UFI).

RESTA 2023 focus areas:

Energy sustainability of buildings;
Digital construction;
Professional guidance;
Proposals for the reconstruction of Ukraine.



Construction and renovation hall (Hall 5) for building and finishing materials, tools, roofing, windows, doors, workwear and safety equipment. Renovation of private and apartment buildings: equipment, machinery and materials.

Communications hall (Hall 4) for water supply, heating, ventilation, plumbing solutions, contactless plumbing fixtures, ventilated facade systems and certification.

Digital construction hall (Hall 3) for professional software, BIM solutions, smart home systems, renewable energy sources, energy suppliers. Financing and crediting of renovation and modernisation projects.


L1: roofing, gates, building and finishing materials.

L2: building and finishing materials.

L3: building materials, wood and metal products, outdoor furniture, small-scale architecture, garden equipment, tools, gazebos, storehouses, children’s playgrounds, environmental improvement and landscaping.

L4: heating, installations of water supply and sewage systems, electrical wiring and plumbing.

L5: construction equipment, facilities and tools.

L7: log, modular and off-grid houses and other design structures.